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S. Boulardii + FOS Powder

Powered by AnimalBiome

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Improve your dog’s stool consistency, reduce diarrhea, promote healthy skin, and support gut function. This probiotic and prebiotic powder is gentle enough to take every day.  Only available for purchase in the US

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  • Rebalances and improves your dog’s gut health
  • Supports gut function by nourishing beneficial bacteria
  • Combines probiotics and prebiotics to balance your dog’s gut
  • Recommended for daily use

Why Embark

  • Offered in partnership with AnimalBiome, leaders in canine microbiome research
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Grain-free

Product details

Healthier stools

"I am very pleased"

"My dog Curry was diagnosed with IBD. We have done 2 gut tests and currently on second round of DoggyBiome S. boulardii +FOS powder. She is also doing gut restore. Her stools are so much better and I have noticed that she does not eat poop or a lot of grass as before. I am very pleased with this product."
– Phyllis L.

"Great probiotic and prebiotic"

"I am giving this powder to my 15 year old poodle that has IBD caused by food allergies. He had to take antibiotics after a dental procedure so he started to have some issues with his stomach including soft stools and some constipation too but as soon as I started giving him S. boulardii + FOS powder with his food he got better! I recommend this probiotic, it really works!"
– Paola L.


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