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Gut Health Test
Gut Health Test

Gut Health Test

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Find out what’s really going on inside your dog’s digestive system. This at-home test detects bacterial imbalances and provides actionable insights for personalized diet, supplement, or lifestyle changes to improve your dog’s health.
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  • Fast turnaround: Results 2-3 weeks after we receive your sample
  • Detailed results: Get a thorough report of bacterial imbalances and microbiome diversity
  • Personalized recommendations: We'll suggest diet, supplement, or lifestyle changes for your dog
  • Track progress: Retest to measure how your dog responds to dietary changes or treatments

Why Embark

  • Offered in partnership with AnimalBiome, leaders in canine microbiome research
  • Powered by world-class microbiome sequencing
  • Backed by 20 years of research on animal-microbial interactions

What you’ll learn

Detect bacterial imbalances

Over 10,000 dogs tested

Restore and maintain

Specific recommendations

Improvements over time

A happier, healthier gut

How it works

  1. 1. Collect a poop sample

    The microbiome test kit includes everything you’ll need to collect two pea-sized samples of your dog’s poop.

  2. 2. Activate & mail

    Activate your kit online and return your dog’s sample with the prepaid envelope.

  3. 3. Results in 2-3 weeks

    Using DNA sequencing, we identify the types and proportions of all the bacteria living in your dog’s gut and compare it to our healthy reference set. In about two weeks, you’ll receive an email notification that your test results are ready.

A healthier gut

“The Gut Biome test is very comprehensive and really impressive!

My dog showed some high bad bacteria, and low good bacteria. She had intermittent vomiting and rare occasional bloody diarrhea, along with bad breath, low energy, frequent nausea and poor appetite. The first round of Gut Restore pills did improve her health, along with a change of diet, and supplements.”
– Kim L.
Worth the money
"Just for the educational value of the report alone I felt it was worth my money. I have purchased two more kits to test the other dog and re-test the one I tested already."
– Teresa L.


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