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Dog Age Test
Dog Age Test
Dog Age Test
Dog Age Test
Dog Age Test
Dog Age Test

Dog Age Test

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It’s time to celebrate your dog’s birthday! The Embark Age Test estimates your dog’s calendar age and birthday by measuring their DNA methylation. Knowing your dog’s special day gives you one more reason to celebrate what makes them unique—and get them a birthday gift or two.

Insights include:

  • Your dog's estimated age and birthday
  • Life stage information developed by veterinarians
  • 90% of dogs have a true birthday within 18 months of their estimated birthday

Why Embark

  • Comparable to the most accurate methylation clock models available today
  • Every dog tested can contribute to aging research that will help dogs live longer, healthier lives

What you’ll learn

Age Result

Estimated birthday

Life stage

How it works

  1. 1. Swab

    Gently swab the inside of your dog’s cheek pouch and under the tongue to collect saliva for at least 60 seconds. Get that swab nice and slobbery!

  2. 2. Activate & mail

    Activate your kit online and return your sample. Shipping is free within the US, so drop the pre-paid mailer in any USPS box and it’s on its way.

  3. Phone with age test result
    3. Results within 4-5 weeks

    We’ll do the rest and notify you by email when the results are ready. Log in to your account to learn all about your pup’s age estimation and care suggestions!


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