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Breed + Health Test 2-pack

Breed + Health Test 2-pack

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What's Inside?

  1. 1. Swab

  2. 2. Instructions

  3. 3. Return Envelope

Open Embark Dog DNA Test Kit Showing A Swab & Activation Instructions

One simple cheek swab

Three easy steps

  1. 1. Activate

  2. 2. Swab

  3. 3. Send

Meet Relatives

Meet the relatives

Our DNA test includes access to your dog’s relatives with the world’s only Canine Relative Finder.

A paw up on the competition



Other Tests

Genetic Markers

230,000 +


Health Tests

250+ Genetic Health Risks

1-2 Health Tests

DNA Relative Finder

Not included

Trait Tests

35+ Trait Tests

Not included

Scientific Discoveries + Research

Not included

Talk with a Vet Geneticist

Not included

Embark offers the most accurate and highest rated test on the market.


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Embark will send a portion of the proceeds from your purchase back to the shelter. To make sure the funds go to the right place, please select your shelter below.

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