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Health + Traits Upgrade
Health + Traits Upgrade

Health + Traits Upgrade

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Breed is just the beginning. With the Health + Traits upgrade, we’ll analyze your dog’s DNA for potential health risks that are unique to them. You’ll also learn the genetic basis of your dog’s traits — including some you can’t even see!

No need to swab your dog again! We'll analyze your dog's data and send you results within ~48 hours.

What’s included

Critical health details for you and your vet

We screen for 250+ genetic health risks that can affect both mixed-breed and purebred dogs. We'll tell you if your dog has genetic variants that raise or lower their risk for certain health conditions. You can also share results with your veterinarian to inform clinical care decisions.

Breed-relevant results

Some health risks are more relevant to specific breeds. Your dog's results will show how their breed mix influences their chances of developing certain conditions.

Physical traits

We'll tell you why your dog has certain traits, including their shedding level, predicted adult weight, unique coat patterns, and even their ability to thrive at high altitudes!

Genetic Diversity

Learn how your dog's inherited genetic diversity can affect their health and longevity. We'll also show you how your dog compares to other dogs.

Personalized care resources

Your dog is one of a kind, and they deserve care that's just as unique. We'll provide personalized recommendations and care tips from our team of canine health experts—all based on your dog's results.

What’s included

  • Genetic health screening
  • Personalized recommendations *if applicable
  • Trait Insights
  • Measure genetic diversity
  • Support from genetic specialists
  • Send results directly to your veterinarian


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