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Breed ID and Age Test Bundle
Breed ID and Age Test Bundle
Breed ID and Age Test Bundle

Breed ID and Age Test Bundle

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Product Overview

The bundle that gives you even more reasons to celebrate your dog, whether you’re planning a birthday party or a breed reveal party. Discover your dog’s breed mix, see their estimated age and birthday, and find their DNA relatives.

You’ll get results in 2-4 weeks for the Breed ID Test, with the option to upgrade to include health results at any time. Age Test results will arrive in 4-5 weeks. 

Breed Identification Test Includes

  • Breed breakdown
  • Ancestry and geographic origin
  • Relative finder
  • Saliva sample collection kit

Dog Age Test includes

  • Estimated age and birthday
  • Life stage tips
  • Saliva sample collection kit

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What customers are saying

Breed + Health DNA Test

"Perfect gift for our rescue"

“It was amazing to find out the breed of our dog, which we were initially completely unaware of what she was mixed with. It was also a great comfort to run her genes for any health bugaboos that might affect her later in life. I'd definitely get this kit again if we end up getting any other marvelous mutts in the future, and we'd suggest others do so as well.”
– Derrick H.
Breed + Health DNA Test

"Health issues were fixed"

"One of my dogs has a hereditary issue. Embark notified me immediately before completing the rest of the tests. I took Allie to the vet, unknown health issues were fixed and she is now on preventative treatment (prescription dog food). So grateful!"
– Vicky and Allie

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