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Embark Vet eGift Cards are great gifts for all the dog lovers in your life. The pawfect present for birthdays, gotcha days, and everything in between.

How it works

Gifter selects an eGift Card amount. Upon purchase, gifter receives their Embark Vet eGift Card via email and can then forward it or print and hand-deliver it to a lucky recipient.


  • Embark Vet eGift Cards can only be used on
  • eGift Cards can be used toward any type of kit
  • There’s no expiration date or hidden fees on eGift Cards
  • You cannot use a promo code to purchase a gift card
  • You can use more than one eGift Card towards a purchase
  • By purchasing an eGift Card, you agree to our Embark Vet eGift Card Terms & Conditions

    A better DNA test for happier dogs

    Breed ID

    "Our dog found her passion"

    “We have been able to tailor Bandit’s training and exercise regime much better to suit her needs now that we know she is composed of primarily working breeds. Our dog found her passion in scent work and has been much happier since.”
    – Loki K. Verified Buyer
    Breed + Health

    "So grateful"

    "One of my dogs has a hereditary issue. Embark notified me immediately before completing the rest of the tests. I took Allie to the vet, unknown health issues were fixed and she is now on preventative treatment (prescription dog food). So grateful!"
    – Vicky Y. Verified Buyer

    Credit your shelter

    Embark will send a portion of the proceeds from your purchase back to the shelter. To make sure the funds go to the right place, please select your shelter below.

    • Other / I don’t see my shelter