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Embark Breed Identification Kit
Background: a couple out of focus sitting on front steps looking at the camera. Foreground: A happy dog in focus who's head is surrounded by a breed four color ring representing each breed in it. Text below reads "Meet Marti. 28% Siberian Husky, 23% Chow Chow, 27% Shiba Inu, 22% German Shpherd".
A dog rests his head in the lap of his owner while his owner reviews the dogs breed mix percentages
A happy dog sniffs one of his owners faces in the background as the other owner reviews the dogs family tree results in an iPad.
An open Embark Dog DNA Test showing a swab and the three steps: 1. Activate 2. Swab 3. Mail in sample.
An Example of Embark's Relative finder feature. On screen four of Harley's twenty closest relatives are displayed showing their profile picture, name, relation e.g. "close family", primary breed and shared DNA percentage.
An Example of Embark breed mix results displayed on an iPhone. On the phone screen an image of the dog, Harley, is shown with a breed mix of: 50% Staffordshire Terrier, 24% Golden Retriever, 14% Australian Cattle Dog and 12% Great Pyrenees.
Embark Breed Identification Kit
The back side of an Embark Breed + Health Dog DNA Test Kit. A puppy on a yellow background wondering "who am I?" while looking at the list of features.

Embark Breed Identification Kit

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The best DNA kit for dog owners who want their dog’s breed breakdown.

Find out what your dog’s DNA says about his or her breed, ancestry, and more with a simple cheek swab with an Embark Breed Identification Kit. Discover and connect with dogs that share DNA with yours using the world's only canine relative finder, free with purchase. You can upgrade your Breed + Ancestry kit to include health testing at any time.

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What's Inside?

  1. 1. Swab

  2. 2. Instructions

  3. 3. Return Envelope

Open Embark Dog DNA Test Kit Showing A Swab & Activation Instructions

One simple cheek swab

Three easy steps

  1. 1. Activate

  2. 2. Swab

  3. 3. Send

Meet Relatives

Meet the relatives

Our DNA test includes access to your dog’s relatives with the world’s only Canine Relative Finder.

Health Upgrade BREEDHEALTH

Want to also learn about your dog’s health predisposition and traits?

Get our Breed + Health kit

A paw up on the competition



Other Tests

Genetic Markers

230,000 +


DNA Relative Finder

Not included

Trait Tests

35+ Trait Tests

Not included

Scientific Discoveries + Research

Not included

Talk with a Vet Geneticist

Not included

Embark offers the most accurate and highest rated test on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the testing process work? Does it require a blood sample?

With one simple, painless cheek swab, Embark looks at over 230,000 genetic markers in your dog. No blood sample or vet visit needed.

How long does it take to get results?

Most results are delivered in 2-4 weeks from when your pup’s sample is received.

Do you include return shipping of the swab?

Yes. For all orders in the continental U.S., a pre-paid return shipping label is included in every kit. Simply activate your kit, swab your dog, and send it back to us.

*Doggy DNA Relative Finder and Family Tree will not be provided to dogs with recent undomesticated canid ancestry, to respect your privacy.


Every Embark dog DNA test kit tests for over 350 dog breeds. See the full list of breeds we test for below.

    • Affenpinscher

    • Afghan Hound

    • African Village Dog

    • Airedale Terrier

    • Akita

    • Akita Inu Also known as Japanese Akita

    • Alaskan Klee Kai

    • Alaskan Malamute

    • Alaskan-type Husky

    • American Bulldog

    • American English Coonhound Also known as Redtick Coonhound, English Coonhound

    • American Eskimo Dog

    • American Foxhound

    • American Hairless Terrier

    • American Leopard Hound

    • American Pit Bull Terrier

    • American Staffordshire Terrier

    • American Village Dog

    • American Water Spaniel

    • Anatolian Shepherd Dog Also known as Kangal

    • Appenzeller Sennenhund

    • Arabian Village Dog

    • Armenian Gampr

    • Australian Cattle Dog Also known as Blue Heeler

    • Australian Kelpie

    • Australian Shepherd

    • Australian Terrier

    • Azawakh

    • Barbet

    • Basenji

    • Basset Fauve de Bretagne

    • Basset Hound

    • Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound Also known as Bavarian Mountain Hound

    • Beagle

    • Bearded Collie

    • Beauceron

    • Bedlington Terrier

    • Belgian Laekenois

    • Belgian Malinois

    • Belgian Sheepdog Also known as Groenendael

    • Belgian Tervuren

    • Bergamasco Sheepdog

    • Berger Picard

    • Bernese Mountain Dog

    • Bichon Frise

    • Biewer Terrier

    • Black Russian Terrier

    • Black and Tan Coonhound

    • Bloodhound

    • Blue Lacy

    • Blue Picardy Spaniel

    • Bluetick Coonhound

    • Boerboel Also known as South African Mastiff

    • Bohemian Shepherd

    • Bolognese

    • Border Collie

    • Border Terrier

    • Borzoi

    • Boston Terrier

    • Bouvier des Flandres

    • Boxer

    • Boykin Spaniel

    • Bracco Italiano

    • Braque D'Auvergne

    • Braque Du Bourbonnais

    • Braque Francais Pyrenean

    • Briard

    • Brittany

    • Brussels Griffon

    • Bull Terrier

    • Bulldog Also known as English Bulldog

    • Bullmastiff

    • Cairn Terrier

    • Canaan Dog

    • Canadian Eskimo Dog

    • Cane Corso

    • Cane Di Fonni

    • Cardigan Welsh Corgi

    • Carolina Dog Also known as American Dingo

    • Catahoula Leopard Dog

    • Caucasian Ovcharka Also known as Caucasian Shepherd Dog

    • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    • Central Asian Shepherd Dog

    • Central Asian Village Dog

    • Central and East African Village Dog

    • Cesky Fousek

    • Cesky Terrier

    • Chesapeake Bay Retriever

    • Chihuahua

    • Chinese Chongqing Dog

    • Chinese Crested

    • Chinese Shar-Pei

    • Chinese Village Dog

    • Chinook

    • Chow Chow

    • Cimarron Uruguayo

    • Cirneco Dell'Etna

    • Clumber Spaniel

    • Cocker Spaniel

    • Collie

    • Colombian Fino Hound

    • Coton de Tulear

    • Coyote

    • Curly-Coated Retriever

    • Czechoslovakian Vlcak

    • Dachshund Also known as Dachshund (Miniature), Dachshund (Standard)

    • Dalmatian

    • Dandie Dinmont Terrier

    • Danish-Swedish Farmdog

    • Dingo

    • Doberman Pinscher

    • Dogo Argentino

    • Dogue de Bordeaux Also known as French Mastiff

    • Drentsche Patrijshond

    • Dutch Shepherd

    • East Asian Village Dog

    • Eastern European Village Dog

    • English Cocker Spaniel

    • English Foxhound

    • English Setter

    • English Shepherd

    • English Springer Spaniel

    • English Toy Spaniel

    • Entlebucher Mountain Dog

    • Eurasier

    • European Village Dog

    • Field Spaniel

    • Fila Brasileiro

    • Finnish Lapphund

    • Finnish Spitz

    • Flat-Coated Retriever

    • Formosan Mountain Dog Also known as Taiwan Dog

    • French Bulldog

    • French Spaniel

    • German Longhaired Pointer Also known as Deutsch Langhaar

    • German Pinscher

    • German Shepherd Dog

    • German Shorthaired Pointer

    • German Spitz

    • German Wirehaired Pointer

    • Giant Schnauzer

    • Glen of Imaal Terrier

    • Golden Retriever

    • Gordon Setter

    • Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

    • Gray Wolf

    • Great Dane

    • Great Pyrenees

    • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

    • Greenland Dog Also known as Greenland Sledge Dog

    • Greyhound

    • Hamiltonstovare

    • Harrier

    • Havanese

    • Hokkaido

    • Hong Kong Village Dog

    • Hovawart

    • Ibizan Hound

    • Icelandic Sheepdog

    • Indian Indigenous Dog

    • Irish Red and White Setter

    • Irish Setter

    • Irish Terrier

    • Irish Water Spaniel

    • Irish Wolfhound

    • Istrian Shorthaired Hound

    • Italian Greyhound

    • Jagdterrier

    • Jamthund

    • Japanese Chin

    • Japanese or Korean Village Dog

    • Jindo

    • Kai Ken

    • Karakachan

    • Karelian Bear Dog

    • Keeshond

    • Kerry Blue Terrier

    • Kishu Ken

    • Komondor

    • Koolie Also known as German Coolie, Australian Koolie

    • Kuvasz

    • Labrador Retriever

    • Lagotto Romagnolo

    • Lakeland Terrier

    • Lancashire Heeler

    • Lapponian Herder

    • Leonberger

    • Levriero Meridionale

    • Lhasa Apso

    • Llewellin Setter

    • Lowchen

    • Maltese

    • Manchester Terrier (Standard)

    • Manchester Terrier (Toy)

    • Maremma Sheepdog

    • Markiesje Also known as Dutch Tulip Hound

    • Mastiff Also known as English Mastiff

    • McNab

    • Melanesian Village Dog

    • Mi-Ki

    • Middle Eastern Village Dog

    • Miniature Bull Terrier

    • Miniature Pinscher

    • Miniature Schnauzer

    • Miniature/MAS-type Australian Shepherd Also known as Miniature Australian Shepherd, Australian Shepherd

    • Mountain Cur

    • Mudi

    • Munsterlander (Large)

    • Munsterlander (Small)

    • Murray River Retriever Also known as Murray River Curly Coated Retriever

    • Neapolitan Mastiff

    • Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

    • New Guinea Singing Dog

    • New Zealand Huntaway

    • Newfoundland

    • Norfolk Terrier

    • Norrbottenspets

    • Northern East African Village Dog

    • Norwegian Buhund

    • Norwegian Elkhound

    • Norwegian Lundehund

    • Norwich Terrier

    • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

    • Old English Sheepdog

    • Otterhound

    • Papillon

    • Pekingese

    • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    • Perdiguero de Burgos

    • Perro de Presa Canario

    • Peruvian Inca Orchid

    • Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

    • Pharaoh Hound

    • Phu Quoc Ridgeback

    • Picardy Spaniel

    • Plott

    • Pointer Also known as English Pointer

    • Polish Lowland Sheepdog

    • Polish Tatra Sheepdog

    • Polynesian Village Dog

    • Pomeranian

    • Poodle (Small) Also known as Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle

    • Poodle (Standard)

    • Portuguese Podengo

    • Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

    • Portuguese Pointer

    • Portuguese Water Dog

    • Prague Ratter

    • Pudelpointer

    • Pug

    • Puli

    • Pumi

    • Pungsan

    • Pyrenean Mastiff

    • Pyrenean Shepherd

    • Rat Terrier

    • Redbone Coonhound

    • Rhodesian Ridgeback

    • Rottweiler

    • Russell-type Terrier Also known as Jack Russell Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Russell Terrier

    • Russian Toy

    • Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka

    • Saint Bernard

    • Saluki

    • Samoyed

    • Sarplaninac

    • Schapendoes

    • Schipperke

    • Scottish Deerhound

    • Scottish Terrier

    • Sealyham Terrier

    • Shetland Sheepdog

    • Shiba Inu

    • Shih Tzu

    • Shikoku

    • Shiloh Shepherd

    • Siberian Husky

    • Silken Windhound

    • Silky Terrier

    • Skye Terrier

    • Sloughi

    • Slovensky Cuvac

    • Smooth Fox Terrier

    • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

    • South Asian Village Dog Also known as Indian Indigenous Dog

    • Southeast Asian Island Village Dog

    • Southeast Asian Village Dog

    • Spanish Galgo

    • Spanish Mastiff

    • Spanish Water Dog

    • Spinone Italiano

    • Stabyhoun

    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    • Standard Schnauzer

    • Sussex Spaniel

    • Swedish Lapphund

    • Swedish Vallhund

    • Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

    • Terrier Brasileiro Also known as Brazilian Terrier

    • Thai Bangkaew

    • Thai Ridgeback

    • Tibetan Mastiff

    • Tibetan Spaniel

    • Tibetan Terrier

    • Tosa (Inu)

    • Toy Fox Terrier

    • Treeing Walker Coonhound

    • Vietnamese Village Dog

    • Vizsla

    • Volpino Italiano

    • Weimaraner

    • Welsh Sheepdog

    • Welsh Springer Spaniel

    • Welsh Terrier

    • West African Village Dog

    • West Asian Village Dog Also known as Middle Eastern Village Dog

    • West Highland White Terrier

    • West Siberian Laika

    • Western European Village Dog

    • Wetterhoun Also known as Frisian Water Dog

    • Whippet

    • White Shepherd Also known as White Swiss Shepherd, Berger Blanc Suisse

    • Windsprite Also known as Longhaired Whippet, Silken Windsprite

    • Wire Fox Terrier

    • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

    • Wirehaired Vizsla

    • Xoloitzcuintli Also known as Mexican Hairless

    • Yakutian Laika

    • Yorkshire Terrier